Carlos is an easy going barista who only wants to have fun while making coffee. Quiet on the outside, Carlos hides his trickster nature well.  He loves pranking his co-workers and making them smile.

​What is your favoite memory while working at The Fig Tree?
One of my favorite memories may not be funny to many, but if you were here when David was still a barista you might remember moments like this... So I was making coffee for a customer who was sitting by the couches, and when I started walking their way, I was trying SO HARD not to spill the drink. I managed to get past the tables at the start of the lounge chairs, and all of a sudden I felt this cold thump on my back. I jolted, still trying not to spill the coffee everywhere. However, when I looked at the ground I saw an ice cube at my feet. I looked back to find David laughing at me. What had happened was that David had thrown an ice cube at my back. Those simple jokes with David made my day even better.
​​​​​​​Favorite drink to drink or make?
Some people may call me a person with no taste, or a babarian, but I like to call myself a classy man. This is because my favorite drink is our straight black coffee. It just tastes good.

Why did you want to work at the Fig Tree?
To be honest, I think it is about the people you work with. Most of the time when the crowds slow down, we get to talk and share stories. Soon, things like David throwing an ice cube happens all the time, and small jokes that just make this job and space fun to come back to happen during every shift.

Fun Facts? 
I really enjoy fishing and being outside while I'm not at work.