​Cody is the newest additon to the team. He makes sure everything is running smoothly and the Team Fig is at its best.

What is your favoite memory working at The Fig Tree?
My favorite memory isn't just one thing. I would say that it is the stories that I get to hear. Growing up I was always a fan of stories from books, but later I grew to love hearing the stories of the people that I met, whether it is a customer or a barista. 

Favorite drink to drink or make?
Chai latte- primarily due to the fact that we make our own chai, so the latte is fantastic!​​

​Why did you want to work at The Fig Tree?
Well Josh and Rachel asked me to. Originaly I hadn't even thought about it. When the previous manager was leaving Josh called and wanted to talk. After talking it through with my wife, knowing I having the similar view point as both Josh and Rachel, we decided that it was the right choice to make. So, I join the Fig Tree team.

​​Fun fact?
I love to travel, I proposed to my wife on The Great Wall of China. I have spent time in Japan and fell in love with their culture. The same is true for Asian or South American culture. Any time I can go travel I take advantage.