Ella is our youngest barista with a few suprises up her sleeve. From being a dog trainer to a future in hair dressing!

What's your favoite memory here at Fig Tree?
My favoite memory would probably have to be this one time I was taking out the trash and my friends followed me out, but one of them brought a guitar. So, we sang the whole way to the dumpster and it was hilarious!
What's your favorite drink?
My two favorite drinks would have to be our Tiger tea/Thai Iced tea and my Mocha Tux. They both taste amazing! I'm actually perfecting a new drink, but that's top secret ;)

Why did you want to work at the Fig Tree?

I love all the interesting people I get to meet and all the dogs I've met thus far <3

Fun Facts! 

A fun fact would be I've played piano for roughly 12 years and my hair is pretty much always dyed fun colors.