Welcome Home Figs!!

Hey guys! Here at Fig Tree we want to you to feel as though you're walking into our living room, not only as a valued customer, but as a family member. Don't feel shy; know that you will always find a home here at our coffee shop to study or just enjoy our space. Now if you're here, we want you to feel more interconnected. We want to provide a space to interact and find subjects to talk about!! 

Fig Team


Fr. Joshua & Rachel Lickter

 Josh and his wife Rachel started a community coffeehouse, art gallery, and small music venue in Philadelphia called The Mad Donkey in 2003. Rachel has a background in accounting, and majored in Art and Business at Penn State University. After moving to Roseville in 2005, they both managed the Underground, an all ages music venue and coffee shop run..
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​Cody is our newest additon to the team, but definitely an important one. 
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  -Assistant Manager
​Connor's is a great person to talk to and get to know, especially if you're in need of a drink. He knows just what to order!
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Barista Staff

​James is our MC for Open Mic Night! If you haven't heard his voice and cheesy jokes, you haven't been to our open mic...
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Ella is our youngest barista with a few suprises up her sleeve... 
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​Carlos is an easy going barista who only wants to have fun while making coffee. 
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​Jordan is a local artist himself! One of the reasons he loves working for the Fig Tree.